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Halloween "Breath" Mask
Halloween "Breath" Mask
Halloween "Breath" Mask
Halloween "Breath" Mask
Halloween "Breath" Mask
Halloween "Breath" Mask
Halloween "Breath" Mask

Halloween "Breath" Mask

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The Only Mask That Reacts From The Heat Of Your Breath!

Are you looking for a truly creepy mask can make everyone amazed?
Now..You have itEveryone will amazed when you breath-in and breath-out while wearing These Halloween "Breath" Mask

The paint changes from black to white with the heat of your breath, so when you breathe it gives the illusion that the pattern is changing. That allows you to control the animated effect.

Featuring temperature-sensitive ink, Your warm breath fades the ink to transparent; cool air darkens it to produce a moving effect.
It is painted with fabric paint and a special temperature-sensitive paint that is 100% safe and non-toxic.

The unique mask is perfect for a wide range of creepy costume ideas, character cosplays or social hijinks! No special effects needed!


  • Handmade.
  • Non-toxic and 100% safe ink
  • One size fits all. from teens to adults
  • Materials: special temperature-sensitive ink, Hypoallergenic spandex-blend fabric.
  • Vision can be limited, but not overly so.
  • Hand clean only. Dry flat. Do not iron.


        1 Pcs Moving Inkblot Mask


        Question: How it works, what's the trick? Video effects? Black magic?
        Answer: The video does not use any special effects. Your warm breath fades the ink to transparent; cool air darkens it producing a moving effect. What you see is what you'll get: A little practice goes a long way.
        Question: How will I know if it will fit me?
        Answer: The mask is a custom stretch spandex-blend hood machine-seamed to fit most heads. For measurement's sake, around the forehead is 22" to 24" inches. But using 4-way stretch fabric allows the mask to fit most people comfortably. It has been sewn to provide a snug fit, yet still, be durable for stretching.
        Question: Where are the eye holes? Any breathability concerns?
        Answer: The fabric has been selected after several months of initial testing to provide adequate visibility while still concealing your facial features (eyes, nose, hair). There is no need for eyeholes as the fabric stretches and the weave allows the wearer to see comfortably through the mask. As for breathing, no concerns either. Although, practicing how to maneuver your breath in different directions will only help the effect. Example: blowing warm air upwards towards your nose will trigger the morph higher in the midface.
        Question: Any tips or techniques?
        Answer: The effect is most apparent in temperatures around 70 degrees Fahrenheit or lower, as you need warm/cool air to activate the shift. I've seen some people carry around a damp sponge or napkin and subtly wipe their mask to keep it moist - it reacts to subtle breaths better in that state. Also, if you own two or more masks, you can secretly slip off and switch faces and keep the effect "new" for the people around you.


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